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With over six years in the provision of dental services we enjoy the recognition and reputation of our individual patients


We have designed special packages for two specific needs and in order to make rapid, high-quality beauty treatments.


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See our opening hours before an appointment. We are open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm.

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We are a center specialized in oral rehabilitation and dental aesthetics. Our philosophy is based on providing quality and dental guarantee. Thanks to our team and its commitment we have consolidated as a great dental center.

We work with the latest technology, comfortable and modern facilities designed to offer comfort and safety, and a first level service with high quality and service standards.

Tatiana Schmiel A.

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Our specialties


Increasingly frequent joint problems and disorders and diseases of the temporo…

Adult orthodontics

The known as brackets, fixed appliances are responsible for moving the teeth by…

Crown Lengthening

is a surgical procedure whose function is reshaping the contour of the gum tissue and often…

Smile Design

The design is to bring smile teeth ideal conditions so size and color, according to the face...

Dental Implantology

This is the most advanced available for our dental replacement mouth because it.

Oral surgery

surgery is usually applied to extract teeth included or retained (third molar or wisdom teeth)…

Dental aesthetics

We all want to have a nice smile and an attractive image. The smile of a person does…

Restorative dentistry

The dental prosthesis is the specialty of dentistry that is responsible for replacing